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Other fun things

Gooified pictures

Recently I purchased a program called Kai's Power Goo. It allows one to perform a number of transformations on digital photographs that provide hours of entertainment. Also, one can take elements from two source photographs and combine them into one image. Use your imagination to explore the potential....or, follow some of the links below to see what my efforts have yielded.

My nephew Brian My friend Jenny
My nephew Michael My nephew Michael again
My nephew Jimmy My buddie Paolo

Regular pictures

I also take "real" pictures and as soon as I get the chance, I will add links to some of them. As time permits, I will add links to those pictures and hopefully will arrange them in some meaningful order.

Uncle Joe and Jimmy, long ago Joe and sister Muffie in Cozumel

Roadside Folk Art

One thing that has always appealed to the trashier side of my psyche is the noble American artform of roadside art....things like fiberglass statues, cheezy hotels shaped like teepees and such. I have photographed such dubious art over the years and will add some touches of low class to this web page.

Venus Del Rio

Underwater Pictures

Click here for denizens of the deep

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Last updated Jan. 21, 1997.